Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tri City Food Trends of 2015

The biggest trend hitting the Tri-Cities market this year? Food stations. More and more people are wanting their guests to get up and socialize! Food stations allow for more guest interaction and small plates allow for you to taste a wide range of foods. Definitely not the same old meat and potatoes!

Guatemalan Station-Pork Empanada with Guacamole and Picao De Rabano
Photo by Sonja Photography

For Shanna and Garner Alzheimer, that’s exactly what they did. “We wanted to do something different that reflected more of who we are and what we like. We both love traveling and wanted to showcase all the places that were special to us. Each item reflected a country we had traveled to.” They celebrated their wedding at the Promise Gardens in Pasco, WA. 
Italy Station- Fresh Pasta with Vodka Sauce, baby Cesar salad, and Rustic Bread Sticks
Photo by Sonja Photography

There are so many options when it comes to showing off who you are- taco stations, pasta stations, or having a local food truck pull right up to the patio! The options are really endless and totally fun!
Another trend hitting the Tri-Cities market? Locally sourced and seasonal produce. People are craving fresh and care more than ever about where their food comes from. Let’s be honest, it just tastes better! Our chefs here at Castle Event Catering love utilizing our fresh produce and herbs right in our back yard. It’s something we really care about. 

Caprese Skewers passed in a Baguette Loaf
Photo by Sonja Photography

 Late night snacks for late night events, especially when drinks are involved are really gaining more and more attention. Offering a small snack once dancing has started will make for a happy crowd! Don’t limit yourself just to fries though- milkshakes, warm cookies, or fresh mini doughnuts are yummy too!

Late Night Snack- Fresh Crisp French Fries
Photo by Sonja Photography
Hand Crafted Sauces for French Fries
Photo by Sonja Photography  

Something guests will remember? How you made them feel. Food makes us feel good. It floods us with memories and feelings. Like when you caught your first fish with your dad or the smell of your mom’s poppy seed bread on Christmas morning. Caterers want to create a menu that will tell your story. We want your menu to be a reflection of who you are or what you’re trying to say. Share with us those small details about the event that make you unique. Your event should always be a reflection of you, and that’s something that’s never going out of style.

Abby Gillingham 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Our year in review...

What an exciting time to be alive, especially here at Castle Event Catering. We have much to share about our previous year in business, and we are excited to have you involved. This year we launched many new projects, with our clients at the heart and soul of our interest. This year we opened a new event center available to the Tri Cities community. This year we began teaching more cooking classes, adding spice to the night life of our city, while simultaneously generating date night options for the couples in our area. This year we planted a garden, allowing for both locality and fresh, seasonal flavors to take center stage in our kitchen. So let’s take a journey and recap all of the projects we worked hard to bring to you, our clients, this year.

…we opened Anthology Event Venue. 

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Anthology

Our gorgeous event space is fully equipped with the original hardwood flooring, 70 inch monitors with sound system for electronic displays, beautiful and comfortable Chameleon Bella Fleur chairs, leather lounge seating, complete with flexible set up and design to meet your event’s needs.

The Gallery

The Study
Great Meeting Room for up to 8 guests

…we started teaching more cooking classes

Chef Andy demonstrating the “J cut” during a sushi class

Oh man, are these classes ever FUN for us!! Our staff loves getting together to pass along their culinary knowledge. Interacting with the community in this way has been beyond rewarding. We teach February through May and we would love to see you at the next one!

The Barbecue Class, gathered around the smoker

…we planted a garden.

Tiers of herbs and veggies

Access to fresh is paramount to us: fresh veggies, fresh herbs, fresh anything we can get our hands on. Our kitchen loves working with the freshest and most local ingredients, and what is more fresh or local than your own backyard? After many hours of grooming and weeding and harvesting, we are proud to say that if you ate a zucchini we cooked this past summer that it came fresh from our garden. All of our herbs are fresh (seasonally) and we can’t tell you how excited we are to do it all over again this year.

Our staff, harvesting tomatoes

There’s so much more to come from us here at Castle Event Catering; we have much to offer our community here in Tri Cities. We cannot wait for the upcoming years, events, and adventures we get to experience together.

You may say, even, that we are “on a roll” this past year. To congratulate us, the Tri City Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded us “Business on a Roll.” Watch the following video for a quick synopsis of what we get to do every day at Castle Event Catering.